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Mercedes-Benz Tires
Properly inflated and balanced tires determine how the car grips the road; what sort of gas mileage you get; and how safe the occupants are in all weather conditions?

We offer only those tires designed and recommended for your vehicle by Mercedes-Benz.  Get the right tires for your Mercedes and drive knowing that you and your family are safe.  Don't risk using aftermarket tires.  We only install Mercedes recommended tires.

The most important factors in tire care are:

Correct inflation Proper vehicle loading
Even tire wear Regular inspections
Good driving habits Vehicle condition

Proper Inflation
If your tires are not properly maintained, rapid and uneven tread wear may result.  In addition, there may be excessive heat build-up which can cause a tire to "fail".

With the right amount of air pressure, your tires will wear longer, will use less fuel, and help prevent accidents. Proper tire inflation and maintenance provides optimum vehicle handling and safety.
(Note: The recommended air pressure is specified in your Mercedes manual. The pressure for the front and rear tires may be different.)

Check tire inflation pressure, including the spare tire, at least once a month and before going on a long trip. Checking tire inflation should be done when the tires are "cold", before you have driven more than one mile. If you must drive more than a mile, measure and record the pressure of each tire.  At your destination (or at Mike's), check each tire again and add/subtract the difference in pressure recorded earlier.  When we service your car we check tire pressure and make sure it is correct.

Leading Causes of Tire Failure

Under-inflation is the leading cause of tire problems.  When driving a vehicle with radial tires, it is hard to know when a tire has lost air or is almost flat.

Improperly Tire Balance can result in uneven tread wear.  An unbalanced tire (and wheel) may create a vibration when you drive on smooth pavement.  If you notice this, have your tires checked as soon as possible to avoid tire damage and costly replacement.

Rotate the Tires
regularly.  At Mike's, we perform periodic maintenance as recommended by Mercedes, including tire inspection and rotation.  During the service we look for uneven and irregular tire wear.  If we find an issue with your tires, we then  determine the cause and propose the corrective actions necessary to rectify it.


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